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Corona Response

VCC's response to Corona Virus concerns.

Here's the latest update on the fluid response we are taking at VCC to COVID-19

Corona Response Announcement

Thank you to all who joined our online worship service on March 22nd. As you know, we are in an extremely fluid situation, so we wanted to take a couple of minutes to update you as to what to expect in the coming week here through the ministry of Vero Christian Church. Throughout the week, Steve Jones, Nate Wilkerson, and Scott Blount will be on Facebook live with devotions, prayer times, family helps, and more. We want to encourage you to be on the lookout for those times, and will publicize schedules as we work them out. We want each of these times to be as interactive as possible, and will be working the chat feature during the live events to help us stay connected in this era of social distancing. Sunday, March 29th, we will have our online worship service at 9:30am on both Facebook and Youtube. We’d like as many as possible to “attend” then. This is an opportunity for the “church at large” to be at “one service” if you’re not able to make that time for whatever reason, the video will be available “on demand” following the initial showing.

 You can find the links to those events on the sermon page of our church website ( ) or on FaceBook ( ). Again, we will have someone in the chat rooms to go along with those services, and will gladly take your praises and prayer requests, etc. during those time. Don’t forget, you can utilize the online connect card here on our website at any time! ( ) Please use that connect card, email us, text, whatever if you have any needs. As a church family, we are here for one another, and we will do our very best to meet each other’s needs. This kind of reminds me of Acts 2, and how the church functioned, right? Please visit this page often, visit our church Facebook Page and our private Facebook Group which is ONLY for VCC members. If you aren’t a member of that group, reach out to Scott Blount and he will take care of that. Remember, we here at Vero Christian Church are folks who love God, love people, and serve others.